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Date: April 14, 2018

Total Duration: 3 hours

Saturday, 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Students will meet at a central location and board a motorbus to go on a photography adventure! Each student will be provided a loaner digital camera. Instructors will direct students on how to properly use the camera and how to shoot amazing shots around the surrounding city. Students will get to see their work on location, choose photos to print, and have an experience of a lifetime letting their own artistic eye come to life.

Apsara Studios students met at a central location and boarded a limo bus.  Our driver, "Mr. T" took us to National Colonial Farm on the Patuxent River.  Upon arrival the volunteers were excited to welcome us and teach the students about the Patuxent River Clean Up efforts.  We learned about how litter in the river affects the environment, watched a short play, and then got on with our photography.

The instructor, a professional, paid photographer, taught the children how to use a point and shoot camera, look at different perspectives, different distances, and different subjects. The students took photos of buildings, animals, and landscapes.

Afterwards we got back on the bus, had snacks and drinks, got listened to the kids share their experience and met back up with parents.

It was a wildly successful event!

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